[New Word] Euroversity

An institutional genre built for a specific experience and audience, yet attended and reproduced all around the colonially wounded worlds, not to be mistaken for an ummahticaly edifying end point, inshAllah.


[New Word] Ummahtic Navalgorithm

A project that strikes a potent chord of dignifying yet spatioculturaly orthogonal nostalgia in bleak times. The jury is out as to the generative benefits of such calculated performances, beyond the  market.


[New Word] Neolibully

There is something systemic about these characters, along with the personal ill qualities that they inevitably enhance.

Promoted to a destructive incompetence by institutional cultures that treat humans as fungible commodities and deify performance indicators, the neolibully is a common sight in public institutionunder arson attack from misapplication of ways of thinking thought to be valued in the profit making sector, and amplified by austerity.

Neolibullysome impact are rife in education, on staff students and collective trajectories. Some tangible, most more than material. They exploit the poor and hopeful who enter the doors.


The Bilad of Tulip and Rupa

Granddaughter of the Nation, 
Kinnockite Kilburn MP,
Forgetting to offset human rights hypocrisy,
Any display of compassion for victim and family.

Just a hollow trained technocratic dismissal,
"Who dat? 
He My constituent? 
He British? 
Me Bangladeshi? 
You racist? 
Want some?"
To the sympathy and deferral of The Silver Truth.
And roaring laughter.

Impunity and sycophancy, 
Entangled in two sick establishments,
Female BME Labour MP,
Intersectional invulnerability,
"Awami League is Labour's sister party"
Well May Be,
But THAT Moronarchy?
Business as usual Cornberry?

So lets celebrate our shit Bangladeshi MPs.


[New Word] Climate Refugicity

A quality of those areas to which people and other creatures will head as climate impacts impregnate our world.

No armed climate lifeboats. No Malthusian endgame. Please.


[New Word] House Plant

Denizens of developmentshire, 
Darkies in the colonial cores and periphery, 
Developmentors of the White Supremacy System, 
Multifunctional, often consciously, 
Generating oxygen into a rarified atmosphere, 
Removing toxins generated therein. 

Whilst no solution to deforestation,
Of other civilisation,
House Plants, 
Plantations even,
Keep each other warm,
And their planters secure.
To suffocate and save, 
Whomsoever they choose,


Anthem of Participatory Genocide for the Border Guards of Digital Bangladesh

Border Guards Bangladesh,
Pilkhana decapitated, gutted and rebooted you,
and Shapla Chottor completed that reformat,
You protect the borders of the Bengali nationalist mind,
A very small perimeter, I understand,
Bloody, stupid, civilisationaly mutilating.
Not just for yourselves, and your unfortunate progeny.
But for us who share the same air, soil and blood.
The Tulip and the Aunt be Damned.

Run, fight, survive and thrive Rohingya.
Bear witness against your "Bengali" sister and brother
On that day when colonial pretension,
and government pension,
Will count for nought.


Will June be the End of May?

Mainstream electoral politics is getting interesting in the UK these days, scary at times, with small willy terrorism and big willy counter terrorism ensuring that security politics will play themselves out over the next few week. The dynamism is not just confined to the Muslim kooky sideshows for once, through there are plenty of those, from Salma Yaqoob vs Naz Shah in Bradford West to Ajmal Masroor vs Rushanara Ali in Bethnal Green by Bro and even George Galloway vs Afzal Khan for Manchester Gorton.

Although there are great signs of political maturation and movement, just looking at MEND's rather useful tabulation of Muslim populations per constituency, there are plenty of very Muslim peopled constituencies with really whitewing Labour MPs.

No, the excitement is the growing political horizon of hope articulated by Corbynjaan's manifesto [pdf], encouraging poll (game) evidence and a terrible Conservative campaign which just gets worse the more Theresa May opens her mouth, thinks or has her photograph taken. It is almost as if the establishment had already thrown all of its stash of petrol bombs at Corbyn before the General Election was called.

A Labour government headed by Corbyn would face the risk of anti Corbyn, anti Left and anti Muslim elements stabbing him in the back and the front, sodding all the consequence just for their narrow interest. Prime Minister Corbyn would be a  blessing for so many people struggling every day. Imagine, just over two years ago...

A May continuity  and landslide would be a nightmare, Prevent on steroids, superficiality in general, oppression of the poor, sick and elderly. It is incredible to think that this person studied geography.


Sunamganj 2017 Floods Arrive Early and possibly Radioactively: Resource Page

Donate sacks of rice et al via Mushtaq Ahmad's JustGiving page.

The community of farmers around Shanir Haor in Sunamganj desperately toiled for weeks moving earth with their own hands to fix a dam by themselves, often in the pouring rain, to protect their crops from early inundation and ruination. What timely assistance they had from the Water Board or  Engineering Colleges speaks volumed about the configuration of science, technology, society and economy in our part of the world.

Given all the environmental changes and human forces at play, we really need to observe, think, communicate and invest better. Sunamganj District, where about 2.5 milllion people live, is getting better connected to itself and the rest of the country these days. It isn't exactly an agricultural breadbasket, but plays an important role in the stone industry, which feeds into construction and is full of beautiful wetlands, songs and spirituality.

The farmers of Shanir Haor were unsucessful in stopping the water and as the water came in those with the physical power salvaged what they could of their  unripened paddy. Its sad because in this part of desh, you only really get one crop. National electronic media picked this up in the videos below.

Rotting crops release toxins which kill fish upon whom many also economically rely. However, this spring, the extent of fish deaths and animal deaths up the food chain have raised concerns that uranium mining upstream in India is poisoning the Bangladesh end of the Surma Valley. The Uranium mine is 3 miles into India in a place called Ranikhor, Meghalaya.

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